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    • Helping the Hens
      women are filthy. they just attempt to hide it better.

      then there's all the monthly blood, dirty strings, pads,

      hair, yuck.

      MGTOW atm
    • ADV
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  • GruntledX
    • How come at work fatties eat salad or sandwich?
      they do that in public.

      then, they sneak to the bathroom or their car,

      and eat a triple decker burger with cheese

      plus french fries, pie, etc.

      ever been friends with a fat person?

      they are sneaky about that stuff.
    • HLTH
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    • Attractive?
      SOMEONE seems to like her!

      Here she is a bit older and wiser. Seats are available!
    • DATE
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  • QuenceX
    • The surprising return of the repo man
      An ignition gadget allows high-risk tards who make monthly payments to type in a confirm code within the car.

      If the payment is missed, the ignition is locked, and the car's gets Repo'd via GPS.
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    • Keith Kinnamon
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      It is proposed that we sustain Keith kinnamon as Prophet Seer and Revelator of the Church of Keith kinnamon Jerry Holloway as first counselor and Michael Moore a second counselor in the first presidency to the prophet Keith Kinnamon it is also proposed that we sustain George Thoreau as the president of the Quorum of The Twelve Apostles to Keith Kinnamon
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