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    • Just imagine the Heaven on Earth created if only America & England sided with Germany. IMAGINE!
      The West - America - had nukes hot and ready to go in August of 1945. The Soviet Union, try as they may, didn't have nukes until 1949 (and part of that was thanks to the treasonous actions of those two "Americans" Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who transmitted nuclear weapon designs to some of their (((co-ethnics))) among the Soviets.

      So any "Hindsight analysis" of who would have won an East v West war needs to factor the atomic weapon into the speculation.
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    • Craigslist Champs - First Day of Spring, 2018
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      Just amazing. A grandmother at 37. OMG.

      Single mother and grandma (Chino)

      Hello I and a single mother and grandma of a 3month old baby I have a daughter who is 17 and a so. Who is 13 and as for me Im 37years old I'm a single mother and I have been. Throw so much this pass two years I lost my home and my car I all started with a dream I had well u see my mom passed away in 2015 and than my grandma In 2016 the day my grandma passed she told me I had to lose everything g I had to see what it was like to have nothing . I don't u derstand that Dream but than I realized it was not for me it was for my boyfriend he was not selfish he was just doing g me wrong so as we stared losing everythi g we has my dad than passed away in 2017 and right after that my boyfriend got busted and sent to prison for ten years so he has only been there a year so than I lived in motels for a bit and now we live with some friend but they treat us like we a trash and than 3 days ago I bought a car off of offer up and the guy I got it from was nice so I tested it it was good than she. I left in it it get on the freeway it got hot so I pulled over and called him up he came to look at it and there was a rock In where the water flows throw so that is why it's was over heating so he told me to leave it at his house over night so I did and today two day later I find my self towing it home with no raido no battery nothing and the holes was blow and I called for my money back he said he spent it so now I have no car I don't have a job I am o low Income if some one can plz help me find a little apartment for me and my kids and grandbaby plz I would really appreciate it we have been throw everythi g and back please help me anything g will do for now I can only pay 600 a Month for now I'm looking for a job at the moment . Plz some one help us we really need to move from this place
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    • Rose McGowan's loony Twitter message to Weinstein.
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      She is trying so goddamned hard to stay relevant and is STILL failing at it!

      sorry kid....your fifteen minutes have run the fuck out.

      Go fuck some niggers on film, that may generate some interest in you from the cucks
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    • Hipster Millennials Aren't Saving For Retirement Because Capitalism 'Won't Exist By Then'
      Basic Income may be coming in the next decade or few, which might solve a lot of problems regarding retirement.

      Despite that, they are stupid for not saving anyway. I have only had one year with a wage (and saved over 1/3 of my income) so I am screwed, but if I were employable I would be as frugal as I have to be on gimmedats. Saving for the future is important.

      I also agree that higher education nowadays is a debt trap and a racket. They have fucked themselves at the start of their adult life. Tens of thousands in debt for a worthless degree. If it wasn't so stupid in itself, I'd consider it fraud.
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